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What does Tenerife have to offer?

The Spanish islandmount-tiede of Tenerife is the smallest of the seven Canary Islands and rests on the Pacific Ocean off the shores of Africa. This popular holiday destination is famous for its year round sunshine and its developed tourist resorts, particularly in the South which has been a busy area with holiday makers ever since the islands’ tourist boom of the 1980’s. The major tourist destinations including Puerto de la Cruz, Las Americas and Los Cristianos offer excellent beaches and a welcoming atmosphere.

By comparison the quieter and greener North of Tenerife is less densely populated with hotels and its coastal areas maintain some of their original old harbour town charm. When you book your Tenerife flight you will notice that the island has two airports, this is because around five million visitors each year pick Tenerife as their holiday destination. You can book a Tenerife flight to the Reina Sofia (South) or Los Rodeos (North). Besides the obvious appeal of the glorious sun, sea and sand, the island also offers some interesting and unusual places to visit, transforming the standard package holiday into something more extraordinary.

Dizzying heights and Hollywood film sets await those booking a Tenerife flight. Mount Teide is Spain’s highest mountain and the world’s third largest volcano. Surrounding it is Las Cañadas a giant 16 kilometre wide crater. This bizarre and other worldly landscape consists of endless black basalt fields and solidified lava streams that tumble down the mountainside. It is not surprising that this unforgettable sight was recently chosen as a location for the filming of the 2010 remake of Hollywood blockbuster Clash of the Titans.

Step back in time - a magical world of nostalgia awaits visitors to Masca, a small hamlet of cottages that was isolated from the outside world until the 1970’s when a connecting road was built. A picturesque location situated in the valleys of the 7 million year old Teno Mountains telling its story inside a museum at Lomo de Masca.

The northern town of La Oratova developed throughout the 17th and 18th century has aristocratic architecture that shows visitors the island’s colonial past. A Tenerife flight that will take visitors direct to the North of the island is easily available but at a higher price on average. A volcanic eruption which in 1709 destroyed the seaside town of Garachico has now left behind lava formations which act as welcoming rock pools where visitors can swim alongside tropical fish.

With street sculpture and a world famous carnival, the vibrant city of Santa Cruz acts as Tenerife’s one stop culture shop. The main road Las Ramblas is lined with sculptures by artists such as Joan Miro and Henry Moore. For those who book a Tenerife flight out of season, this city hosts the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife every February visited by around one million party goers. This spectacle of dance, costume and music is considered to be the second most popular carnival event in the world.

Benefits of Less Traveled Cruise Destinations

anguillaPopular cruise destinations tend to attract many tourists and these popular vacation locations benefit the cruise lines as well as the venders at the ports. Many of these destinations use this income to support their economy. Although this benefits the cruise destinations, it may be more enjoyable to avoid the large crowds by choosing a less crowded location. This may not seem too beneficial to the traveler because crowds can make a trip less enjoyable since it can make exploration more difficult. Cruises are available at a variety of prices depending on your desired destination. Planning a cruise does not have to be a difficult process and there are many discount cruises available from travel agencies such as With proper research, you can find great deals on cruises to lesser traveled destinations.

By choosing a less crowded area, you can still have great time without the added stress of dealing with a large amount of tourists. When searching for a less traveled location, the Caribbean is an excellent option. Although the Caribbean is popular among cruise vacationers, there are some secluded islands perfect for a relaxing vacation. The Caribbean has an excellent climate for relaxing on the beach along with beautiful landscapes and calm waters. Lesser-known Eastern and Southern destinations of the Caribbean are a way to see the area without having to contend with large crowds. A few islands to consider are Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Bonaire, the British Virgin Islands or Grenada. The beauty of these locations is astounding and you are sure to have an enjoyable trip without worrying about overcrowded beaches.

Aberdeen: The City Blooms in Scotland

aberdeenThe Silver City of Aberdeen is a scenic city filled with paths and walkways that crisscross with its 8,000 years of history. Aberdeen has won the Royal Horticultural Societyís ìBritain in Bloom Best Cityî ten times. The worldís largest international youth festival is held in Aberdeen, filling the air with the sounds of art and music from the folk festivals, jazz concerts and literature.

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city and is considered to be the Oil Capital of Europe. However, the cityís stories and historical event turn it into a walk through history itself. The city was flattened during a conflict with King Edward III in 1336, during the Second Scotland War of Independence.

Coupled with the bloody historical battles, the famous granite buildings, gorgeous churches and beautifully appointed parks are the elegant structures that grew out of the destruction of the city. King’s College, Marischal College, and the Town Hall are grandiose examples of Edwardian architecture.

Modern Aberdeen is a fun and friendly city, whose residents are more than welcoming to tourists. The local accent may seem daunting, but the streets are lively, with many restaurants, nightclubs and music venues. Bed and breakfast inns and hotels are plentiful and nicely appointed. There is much culture to be seen, as the city is home to the Maritime Museum and the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Aberdeen is the gateway to sandy beaches, the waterfront district, the Malt Whiskey trails, the Grampian Highlands and many ancient Scottish castles. There’s a lot of things to do here and unlike some of the other tourist destinations in Scotland, this one isn’t packed with tourists so you can enjoy them without the crowds.

Flights to Aberdeen are available from many UK locations with several carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet servicing the city’s airport. You can always find a deal or a cheap flight there.

Traveling to Major Airports in Scotland

glasgowThe easiest and cheapest way to travel to Scotland is by air. Direct flights to Glasgow or Edinburgh can be found from almost all of the major cities of the world. There are also a few flights from European cities to Aberdeen and Inverness. If a particular airline does not fly to Scotland directly, they may have a flight that stops at Dublin or London first. It’s important to research where airlines go and how to get there (whether with a stop or direct). Sometimes it’s cheaper to not even fly into your main airport!

Knowing an airport can save much time and hassle. Just like it’s important to think about whether or not to fly into Heathrow or Gatwick, you want to fly into the right airport in Scotland. The country is small so it’s easy to move around but you can save good money if you fly into certain airports. Here is a look at three of Scotland’s largest airports.

The airport at Glasgow is one of the busiest in the UK. Its international and domestic flights accommodate over 8 million passengers a year, flying to over 90 destinations worldwide. The arrivals areas for domestic and international passengers are at opposite ends of the main terminal building, on the ground floor. International arrivals are on the left, and UK and Ireland arrivals look to the right.

Edinburgh Airport has been recently renovated, with £100 million spent to upgrade and extend the terminals. The ground floor houses check-in for arriving passengers, with international flights on the left and domestic travellers on the right.

Over 2.5 million people travel to Aberdeen annually; this number is dominated by business travel. There are 26 daily flights to London, and many other direct flights to UK’s regional airports. The terminal comprised of one floor and has shops, boutiques, currency change counters and infant care facilities. Check-in is at the front of the concourse, and all departures and domestic arrivals are at the back of the concourse.

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