5 Ways to Get Free Air Miles

Airline miles have significant value, and they are by far the best way to save when traveling by flight. For the airline, the idea is that by awarding frequent flyer miles, they can inspire customer loyalty. The easiest way to accrue these miles is to fly often. However, that’s not practical for everyone, so let’s explore five ways to get those air miles free.

1. Use frequent flyer programs to your advantage.
For a frequent flyer, it’s best to settle on the most lucrative program, and then use it exclusively. The rest of us, however, can do well to participate in multiple programs. It generally doesn’t cost anything to join, and you should avoid the ones that do. Your only responsibility then is to join their email list, and then monitor their website for offers. Sometimes, you’ll find a marketing offer that matches your needs/wants, which will allow you to claim a bunch of free miles.

2. Use airmiles credit cards.
Credit card rates can only fall so low, so in order to distinguish themselves with good customers, credit card companies use incentive programs. Some employ cash-back and points systems while others award air miles. For clients that will use the miles in a timely fashion, we’ve found airmiles credit cardsto be much more lucrative than credit cards employing other incentive types. Some cards even have a 50,000-point bonus, which equals almost two round-trip tickets anywhere.

3. Beyond the bonus, take advantage of travel rewards.
Users with good credit can take a credit-card-based approach to their finances that will accrue them a large amount of free air miles on a regular basis. To do this effectively, you avoid paying with cash or using a debit card. Instead, you pay for everything with your travel rewards credit card: groceries, fuel, mortgage, insurance, utilities and so forth. Then, you pay the bill each month within the grace period so that you don’t incur charges.

4. If you fly for work, use that to your advantage.
If your company has a preferred airline, then join that frequent flyer program, and choose a travel rewards credit card that works with that program. If you have the option of handling the travel purchase, do that. Not only can you claim the miles for the flight, but also you can make the purchase for the ticket on your credit card, which translates into even more points each trip.

5. Involve yourself in the frequent flyer communities online.
On the Internet, there are a number of large frequent flyer communities with websites, newsletters and best of all, forums. Choose one of these communities, immerse yourself and check in at least once per day. Through this participation, you’ll learn various strategies for maximizing the accrual and spending of points. You’ll also be privy to bonus promotions that don’t last long enough to be advertised.

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