Aberdeen: The City Blooms in Scotland

aberdeenThe Silver City of Aberdeen is a scenic city filled with paths and walkways that crisscross with its 8,000 years of history. Aberdeen has won the Royal Horticultural Societyís ìBritain in Bloom Best Cityî ten times. The worldís largest international youth festival is held in Aberdeen, filling the air with the sounds of art and music from the folk festivals, jazz concerts and literature.

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city and is considered to be the Oil Capital of Europe. However, the cityís stories and historical event turn it into a walk through history itself. The city was flattened during a conflict with King Edward III in 1336, during the Second Scotland War of Independence.

Coupled with the bloody historical battles, the famous granite buildings, gorgeous churches and beautifully appointed parks are the elegant structures that grew out of the destruction of the city. King’s College, Marischal College, and the Town Hall are grandiose examples of Edwardian architecture.

Modern Aberdeen is a fun and friendly city, whose residents are more than welcoming to tourists. The local accent may seem daunting, but the streets are lively, with many restaurants, nightclubs and music venues. Bed and breakfast inns and hotels are plentiful and nicely appointed. There is much culture to be seen, as the city is home to the Maritime Museum and the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Aberdeen is the gateway to sandy beaches, the waterfront district, the Malt Whiskey trails, the Grampian Highlands and many ancient Scottish castles. There’s a lot of things to do here and unlike some of the other tourist destinations in Scotland, this one isn’t packed with tourists so you can enjoy them without the crowds.

Flights to Aberdeen are available from many UK locations with several carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet servicing the city’s airport. You can always find a deal or a cheap flight there.

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