All About Italian Food

italian foodItalian food is high on the list of many people’s favorites, but it’s often hard to find one that really is bursting with flavor. What characterizes Italian food is the use of food from the three main color groups – red, white and green. Ironically these are also the colors of the Italian flag, which is a good explanation as to why their food is the same color!

Green is for vegetables, white is for pasta and red is for tomato sauce. But the food isn’t always that simple, in fact, it’s often very complicated.

Italian food usually starts with some sort of a sauce as a base. You start this often by frying up some onions and then mixing in the meat with your herbs. Simmer this for a bit and then slowly add water or tomato sauce to bring up the consistency to one you like.

In the meantime, you will be boiling water to cook the pasta in. Italian food is famous for its various flavors of pasta – such as green pasta made from spinach, multicolored pasta made from vegetables, black pasta which is made from squid, white pasta made from white flour, brown pasta made from wheat and also tan colored made with eggs. The list is almost endless but they all taste great.

Other staples used in Italian cooking are bread, which is often warmed up and served with garlic butter.

Italian food is often flavored with fried or grilled vegetables. The vegetables are sometimes cooked into the sauce as well.

Some Italian spices which are used extensively are tarragon, oregano and basil. Garlic, pepper, salt and red paprika are also used very frequently even though they are not specifically Italian herbs.

If you find Italian food is made with a lot of natural ingredients in the above way, then you will most certainly have found the best Italian food in your area.

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