An African Adventure on a budget

Most people would think that an African Safari does not sound like the idea of a relaxing or even remotely comfortable holiday…..However, once you start to read up on what it is all about, you will soon realise that it can be as luxurious, romantic, adventurous or basic as you like. If your budget is limited, read on……

I love an adventure and I don’t mind sleeping rough so I was happy to go on an overland safari. Why? The main reason is that it was the cheapest I could find and usually they are the most budget-friendly packages available. You see overland safaris mean that you stay in basic accommodation, i.e. a tent in camping grounds….and you will have to participate in cooking and washing-up as well as some other chores. The great thing is that you will wake up to the roar of lions and sleep under the stars.

The length of a safari depends really on how much time and money you have available. If your holidays are limited, you can manage a safari in about 4 days….if you have time on your hands, you could be on safari for longer than a month. One thing that you should bear in mind is that the longer you stay the cheaper a safari generally is per day. Self-guided tours are generally cheaper than guided tours and I personally love the independence of organising it all, stopping off where I want and interacting with the locals. If you are not very organised and don’t have much experience in trekking or hiking, I would recommend going on an organised tour because you will enjoy it more….it will be slightly more expensive. Remember that the bigger the group, the less expensive the tour will be.

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