An All Inclusive Mexico Trip

When you have limited travel time, you want to have the best vacation ever right? After all, like most Americans, I only get a few weeks of holidays each year. I’m jealous of all the people around the world that get up to a month or more. (The French seem to take a month off PLUS get August off just for food measure. That’s not fair!)

While I love long term travel, lately because of work I haven’t had the chance to do it that often and have only been able to take short holidays. So I figure if I am going to only get a few days off, I might as well pamper myself with an all inclusive holiday package. I was skeptical of them at first. I pictured Club Med resorts with old people in socks and sandals. But a friend of mine told me they were worth doing if you find the right one so after looking into it more I realized they weren’t all like that.

I found a few all inclusive packages that did offer excursions out of the resorts and into the country I was visiting. What I learned in my research (and I had to research because this isn’t something that I normally did) was that all inclusive holidays aren’t really packaged tours but just instead a bundling of services.

With all inclusive holidays, you get flight, hotel, and sometimes food and drinks covered. It’s really a great deal. I priced my trip out (I went to Mexico) separately and it turned out to be more expensive. By getting a package, I saved 200 dollars. A friend of mine said that was very common, especially for popular destinations like Mexico, Europe, or Hawaii. Airlines and hotels often work together. I always used to think these all inclusive packages I saw online were a rip off but in some cases they can actually work out to be a better deal.

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