Movies that Inspire People to Travel

People love watching movies especially when they are shot at some exotic cities. How many of us have watched movies about travel and yearned to see such places in our lifetime? Very often, we get tempted to visit these beautiful places that we see on screen and experience adventures of our own. Listed below are the best travel movies that will definitely release the wanderlust in you!


Under the Tuscan Sun

Diana Lane, the actress acts a Frances, a young woman who decides to take a vacation to Italy. She falls in love with the place and buys a Villa, in Tuscany, where she hopes to enjoy a better life. The movie is shot in Tuscany and you see beautiful towns which are built on the hill sides with majestic mountains in the background. You can easily get carried away with these amazing views and probably want to head to Tuscany and buy yourself a villa there!

Somethings’ Gotta Give

Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson act as a young couple, Erica Barry and Harry Sanborn, in this romantic comedy. They are brought together by circumstances and end up living together in her beach house in the Hamptons. Erica acts as a playwright who yearns to live in Paris. The beach scenes, the sands and the lovely surroundings makes you wish you were there digging your toes in the sand and enjoying just relaxing on the beach with a bathing suit on! Many scenes are also shot in Paris with fabulous backdrops that make you wish you could head there and enjoy Paris in summer or in winter.

kill bill poster

Kill Bill

Uma Thurman acts in this movie as a bride who travels around the world to find her attackers and seek revenge. She was attacked and loses her unborn child in the mishap. Some of the scenes are shot in Tokyo, Japan where she is able to track down O-Ren Ishii, acted by Lucy Lui. Some of the night life is seen as lived in Tokyo and the last battle is shot in a Japanese garden that is covered in snow. This will certainly set your pulses racing as you see Japan from different angles. Yes, you will certainly wish to travel to Japan and see the place in person.


This movie is all about a rat, Remy who lives in the countryside of France. He yearns to become as great a chef as Gusteau who firmly believes that cooking is an art everyone can learn. Remy travels to Paris in search of Gusteau’s restaurant and finds a human friend, Linguini. Linguini lives in a tiny studio apartment but the scenes that are shot lets you glimpse some fantastic views of Paris, the Eifel tower and many streets in Paris. If you watch this movie, you will also wish to go to Paris and sample the delicious French cuisine. Imagine the bliss of walking around in Paris with your loved one and dining in one of the fancy French restaurants!

High Road to China

This film starring Tom Selleck has been highly underrated and not everyone has heard of the same. It has been shot in the Himalayas and Central Asia where the views are simply “mind-boggling” You can see biplanes here that are sure to make you want to go there and fly in one!

The Lover

This film is shot in Vietnam during the French colonial era 1929. You see old crumbling ruins and ceiling fans in dark rooms where the afternoon light filters in through slatted wooden blinds. Many exotic scenes have been shot in the streets and the movie has been cleverly shot to let your imagination run riot about the illicit pleasures that are concealed behind those blinds. You feel the pulse of old Hanoi and can almost feel the humidity and heat that has been captured through the lens. This is another place you probably wish you could visit.


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florida beach from above

Home to many of the country’s best beaches Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota and Key West are the most amazing places to be discovered with its love of appetizing seafood in particular and its different Cajun feel to luxurious accommodation and premium outlet malls, Florida is dreams come true!

What can be more fun than taking a break and travelling to Orlando? Disneyworld holidays are jam-packed with experiences and offer much captivation for all ages. Take advantages of experiences that are uniquely Orlando, like travelling the world without leaving Orlando at Epcot  or the dream of getting up close with a bottlenose dolphin at Orlando’s discovery cove.

Disney World is the world’s most visited entertainment resort where it captures the enchantment of fairy tales with exciting entertainment, classic attractions and beloved Disney characters. Travel through these lands and see how fantasy becomes reality when you learn how to be a pirate and match wits with funny monsters.

Five Top Places to Visit in South America

parinacota-volcano_chileSouth America tours have always proved to be enjoyable and amazing. The people are friendly and welcome tourists and there is a lot of color and history that one can take in when admiring the flora and fauna. South America does have something for everyone. If you are interested in heading to the large cities, such as Brazil and Argentina or would prefer exploring the quirky and quaint cities of Bolivia and Peru, you can enjoy a diversity of ancient cultures, architecture, wildlife, sensuous music and pristine beaches when you head to this exotic country.

Brazil is the largest country in the South American continent. Check out the vista from the Sugar Loaf Mountain or visit the majestic statue of Christ the Redeemer. Drive along the coast and visit beaches, such as Ipanema and Copacabana before you hit Rio de Janeiro, where you can mingle with the locals in the colorful busy city and enjoy the sights.

Argentina is the second largest in South America. Buenos Aires has many “must-see” places in the itinerary and you should devote some time to enjoy the mouth-watering steaks and extra large ice cream sundaes! These restaurants are open even after midnight when you will find many street dancers ready to entertain you. Enjoy a coffee at any of the small cafes and explore the antique shops which are open even on Sundays.

I love travelling to Peru where you feel you are transported back in time. The people in Peru behave in a dignified and friendly manner, which reflects their pride in their historic nation. As a nature love, I enjoy walking along the wonderful Inca Trail and looking at the ruins of Machu Piccu that lies close to Lake Titicaca.

Chile-1The coastline of Chile is a narrow long strip that is pinned between the Ocean and the Andes. Tourists enjoy visiting cities such as Valparaiso and Santiago where they can experience cultural traditions blending with modernism. Make sure to include visits to the deserts, glaciers and volcanoes.

The capital of Quito in Ecuador is filled with stunning landscapes. Here you can experience the rich culture, tradition and history of the Incas. I enjoyed learning how to make hats from the Otavalo Indians. The cobblestoned streets in Cuenca city opens up into plazas where you can walk around the flower markets and enjoy the spectacle of color everywhere.

Tourists who head to South America should include these top cities in their itinerary to experience the wonderful culture and traditions. I enjoy browsing in the shops when I am not out trekking or trying to feel one with nature. The scenery is spectacular and this makes South America a must-see destination for tourists around the world.


Explore Sunny Italy on Your Next Vacation

colosseum_rome_italyAfter returning from Italy where I was on vacation, I realize that it offers so much by way of history, art and culture apart from beautiful beaches and stunning countryside’s. It is no wonder then that tourists appreciate Italy and try to see as much as they can of the country when on holiday.

The history and background of each culture is special to the region and this is seen in the way they speak their language and the foods that they cook. Varied civilizations have been instrumental in creating this cultural diversity, as history played its part to influence the people of these specific regions. Some of the regions I particularly found striking were Calabria where the Greeks live, Tuscany for Etruscans and Sicily where the Normans live. The Roman influence was strong in Lazio where the empire began and extended to other parts of Italy.

I normally tailor my tour, depending on the places I would like to cover on my vacation. It is not difficult to do this, as you can use the railway or the networks for internal flights efficiently to try and cover as much as possible on your vacation. Include the destinations that you would like to visit.

According to me, Rome is one of the “must-see” places that you should include in your tour when in Italy. The existence of Rome dates back 2500 and have been the focal point as one of the greatest civilizations in the world in regard to religion, culture and power.

italy1Visit Florence, where Renaissance first evolved to experience the architecture, music, art and religion of the city. You should see the statue of David that was sculpted by Michelangelo at the Accademia Art Gallery.

I would include the “Floating City” of Venice in my itinerary to enjoy the numerous attractions and take a ride down the iconic canals, on a Gondola boat! The places worth seeing here are the Grand Canal, the Piazza San Marco and San Marco Basilica.

I have also been to Turin, Milan and Genoa when I was in Italy. These destinations are charming and a delight for tourists who can also head to Palermo, Agrigento and Catania in the South of Sicily. Try to include Lake Garda and Verona and get transported back to time, when Romeo and Juliet set the stage as star-crossed lovers for Shakespeare’s play.

In my opinion, Italy requires to be revisited over and over again as there is so much diversity and varied influences to be experienced that you require time to enjoy all that this wonderful country offers. Make sunny Italy your next travel destination and use the conveniences of travel modes to include many places.  Enjoy sampling the various foods and wines in Italy where you are spoilt for choices.


Taking a Summer Holiday to Greece

greeceSummer holidays – to me, the perfect summer destination would have blue sea, sparkling sun, things to see and do, and a laidback vibe. Let’s discuss Zante.

I say this, because Zante, or Zakynthos, has all the above and more. The third largest Ionian island in Greece has perfect summer temperatures, soaring to a sultry 32 degrees, with low rainfall all summer. The Greeks are extremely hospitable and will go out of their way to make your time on the island memorable.

Reaching this not-so-far-flung island has never been easier, with flights from the UK regularly throughout summer. Your holiday is made easier with added extras, such as Luton Airport Parking if you’re flying from a smaller airport, or for those heading from central London, try Gatwick parking, to save all important Euros.

The south of the island attracts the most visitors, with its sublime beaches. The most popular resort is Laganas in the south-west. Here you find raucous nightlife – perfect for those who like to party. Shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels line the resort with its famous long beach. Keep in mind that water-sports are banned here, due to the protected area in place for the endangered caretta-caretta turtle.

For a twin-centre holiday of loud and quiet, jump on the regular bus to Agios Sostis, just next door.

zante_zakynthos_greeceActually an island off an island, Agios Sostis is joined by a wooden bridge, separated thanks to an earthquake many years ago. This is a good resort for those seeking a quieter break, and fantastic for families. It also provides a great base for those who want to experience the nightlife of Laganas, without staying in the middle.

The capital of the island is Zakynthos town, a picturesque area, re-built after a major earthquake in the 50’s. The town has two main squares – Dionysios Solomos and Saint Mark Square. For a taste of the old town, Dionysios is the place to go. This area is also home to the resting place of the Patron Saint of the island, at the Church of Saint Dionysios.

Saint Mark Square plays host to a cathedral, a rare sight on an island. The architecture here dates back as far as the Venetian period, with a fortress located just above the town, offering breathtaking panoramic views. There are many quaint, traditional shops, with something a little different to take home, and the chance to try some traditional Greek cuisine, such as delicious fried calamari.

Think of a postcard picture to sum up Zante – it probably features Smuggler’s Cove. This is a stunning beach with blinding white sand, and sea so turquoise blue, it’s hard to believe. Situated in the north-west, reach this famous landmark by boat, and many trips are on offer. A visit to Zante wouldn’t be complete without it.

Another popular spot in the north-west is the Blue Caves. The cliffs are actually pure white, but the reflection from the sea makes them look blue. If you’re heading to Smuggler’s Cove, this hotspot is definitely worth a visit too, with a great opportunity for snorkelling.

This paradise island is so easy to reach, it would be a crime not to visit. UK airport extras can be booked to make life easier, and eliminate holiday stress, try Birmingham Airport Parking when flying from the midlands, with no need for expensive airport taxis.

So throughout the dreary British winter, keep in mind the postcard image of Smuggler’s Cove, and your visit to Zante will be here before you know it.

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