The Top Activities To Try In Senegal

The Top Activities To Try In Senegal

Senegal is a relatively small country located on the west coast of Africa, and takes its name from the Senegal River which is one of the most prominent features in the country.  The country spent many centuries as a French colony, and still retains many French features in the culture and language in the country.  As a coastal country there are many international influences that can be found in Senegal, with the capital city of Dakar being an important trading port as well as an economic center.

Go Bird Spotting In The Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

Located in the north west corner of Senegal is the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, which is one of the most important wetland habitats for birds in this part of Africa.  The park is located on the Senegal river and is a particularly important resting place for the migratory birds that have flown north over the Sahara desert.  Visitors to the park will find it a beautiful place to visit with various bird populations present depending on the time of year, with pelicans, ospreys, flamingos and aquatic warblers all present at different times of the year.

There are also several animals such as jackals and crocodiles that feed on the birds, and visitors can use the paths and hides located around the sanctuary or it is also possible to visit the area on a small boat.

Visit Saint-Louis

The city of Saint-Louis is located in the north west of Senegal, and is a city that is particularly noted for the vibrant cultural scene with regular festivals held throughout the year.  Having served as the capital of Senegal for many years before this was transferred to Dakar in 1902, the city has some wonderful colonial architecture and in many areas looks more like a French town than a traditional African city.  For those who are music fans visiting Senegal, timing a trip to coincide with the annual Saint-Louis Jazz Festival is well worth doing.

Go Shopping In Dakar’s Sandaga Market

The thriving city of Dakar is one of the busiest cities in Africa, and with good transport links with Europe and beyond is one of the main points of arrival for visitors coming in to West Africa.  The Sandaga Market is one of the most interesting and notorious spots in the city, and as well as being a thriving market it is also popular with pickpockets, so make sure you keep your purse or wallet close.  Despite this, exploring this wonderful market is a joy, with the area around the main building packed with all manner of different stalls offering almost everything you might want, while inside the market there are two floors of food stalls and a top floor of restaurants offering traditional Senegalese cuisine.

Relax And Unwind In Cap Skirring

Located on the south west coast of Senegal is the beautiful and relaxed town of Cap Skirring, which is now a popular tourist destination for those looking for wonderful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere.  There are several hotel complexes here to accommodate the visitors, many of whom travel from Europe, and a trip here is a relaxing way to end a trip to Senegal.  The golden sandy beaches and warm waters of the Atlantic help to make this a stunning place to unwind.

The Top Natural Attractions In Ghana

The Top Natural Attractions In Ghana

The country of Ghana has a long and varied history, and was previously known as the Gold Coast Crown colony while it was under British rule in the nineteenth century, because of the gold reserves in the country.  Much of the country actually remained entirely untouched by the influence of man until the eleventh century, until the eleventh century when several native tribes developed trading posts here based around the locations where they had found gold.  However, much of the country is still in an almost untouched state, and this means that there are several wonderful natural areas worth visiting in Ghana.

Kakum National Park

Located a short distance inland from the south coast of Ghana is the Kakum National Park, which is an area of almost untouched tropical rainforest that is a great place to visit.  As well as a network of maintained paths that give visitors a look at the park from below, there are also several canopy walkways that offer a view at the treetops of the forest, which is a great place to try and spot some of the birds in the forest.  Species to be found here include meerkats, forest buffalo and pygmy elephants, and the forest is also home to over five hundred different species of butterfly, and plenty of birds too.

Lake Volta

One of the greatest natural features to be found in Ghana is Lake Volta, the largest reservoir of fresh water by area in the world.  The large Akosombo Dam is an impressive sight and uses the huge power of flowing water from the reservoir to provide electricity for Ghana and several other African countries in the region.  Visitors can take a trip out on to the lake and there are also several other areas nearby worth exploring, with some great hills and mountain scenery to explore.

Mount Afadjato

Located in the east of the country close to the border with Togo is Mount Afadjato, which is the highest peak in the country rising to 885 meters above sea level.  The mountain is covered in a tropical forest that makes for a particularly interesting hike to the peak, and is a challenge that can be combined with the nearby mountain of Aduadu which is just over the border in Togo.  Visitors to the Mount Afadjato area can also take a tour of the forest without making the journey to the peak, and this should be combined with a trip to the Tagbo Falls and the Wli Falls, which are both popular local sites.

Mole National Park

The Mole National Park is located in the north west of Ghana, and is a typical savannah region which has a steep cliff that marks out the southern border of the park.  There is plenty of lush greenery found in the park, and it is home to a particularly wide range of different species, including elephants, hippos and buffalo.  The park is also home to several species of monkey, and also has thriving population of birds, ranging from the storks and herons to the large birds of prey like marshal eagle and the white-headed vulture.

Is Central America That Dangerous?

Due to its climate, interesting culture and the varied activities available, Central America is a popular tourist destination. Central America consists of Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama. As this is a popular destination there are many airlines providing discount fairs. However, one concern that people have about travelling to this area of the world is their safety and this is something that many tourists enquire about before booking their holiday. Yet are their concerns founded? Here is an overview of the safety of the countries in Central America.


As a developing nation there is still a lot of crime in Belize including violent crime and muggings, especially in Belize City. However, this is not necessarily aimed at tourists. By using a little common sense they can take measures to avoid being a victim of crime in this country. For example, it is suggested that travellers should store their money safely and that they should not use taxis unless the green license plates are clearly displayed.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered one of the safest country in Central America although there are issues with car crime and a disregard for traffic laws. Advice for visitors to this country are not to park their cars in urban streets and to avoid areas with a busy night-life, such as Limon, San Jose, Jaco and Puntarenas.


This is a reasonably safe country to visit with very few visitors having any problems. However, some crimes, such as rape and armed robbery, have increased in recent years. An area that is best avoided is Zone 1 in Guatemala City because this is notoriously the most dangerous area. Antigua is also another area where crime is on the rise and caution should be taken by tourists. In both of these areas of Guatemala it is recommended that you do not travel at night.

Bando Beach, Utila, Islas de la Bahía, Honduras.


Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world and is possibly the most dangerous of the Central American countries to visit. Travellers are encouraged by the US State Department to be responsible for their own safety by not travelling at night, locking their car doors and not carrying large sums of money around with them.

Le volcan Momotombo (Nicaragua)


Overall, this is probably the safest Central American country. However, as with all countries, there are still some areas where crime is more likely. Reports suggest that violent crime has risen in Managua and this area is best avoid after nightfall. Advice that is specific to safety in this country is to avoid violent political demonstrations, but most travellers to Central America will be going to enjoy their holiday rather than involving themselves in foreign politics!


Although Panama is known as a country that is involved with drugs due to its proximity to Columbia, it is a relatively safe destination for tourists. Petty theft and credit card fraud are two of the major concerns in Panama so travellers are warned to take care when withdrawing from cash machines and to avoid using credit cards unless it is absolutely necessary.


There are many benefits to visiting Central America including the culture and climate. However, many travellers are concerned about the safety of these countries because of crime. As with most countries some areas have a greater problem with crime and others that are peaceful areas to visit. By avoiding the notorious areas and taking some basic safety precautions, visitors to Central America can have a wonderful and memorable holiday.

Veggie Food in Leeds

You might well imagine dining t’up north is all about legs of lamb and hearty, meaty roasts. Well, fear not, Vegetarian visitors—you’ll not go hungry in Leeds! If you’re on the hunt for excellent animal-friendly fare, this city boasts some of the finest dining in Britain. Here are our Top 5 Favourites for the meat-free foodie in and around Leeds:

1. Roots and Fruits Café—10 Grand Arcade, Leeds.

The clue is in the name here, and Roots and Fruits is all about beautiful meat-free sandwiches, gourmet vegan treats and delicious hot dishes. Dig into their generous all day breakfast menu, or stop by for a light bite before a show at the nearby Grand Theatre.


2. Cheerful Chilli Restaurant & Tea Rooms—Yorkgate Farm East Chevin Road, Otley.

The Cheerful Chilli prides itself on its eclectic menu and use of locally produced food, homegrown produce and fair trade products. The main dining area is in a converted farmhouse with a lovely courtyard perfect for outdoor dining on a sunny day. The Tea Rooms are open on the weekends and certainly cater to the vegetarian with a sweet-tooth! Enjoy your tea with the mouthwatering Pistachio and Rosewater Cake.


3. Hansa’s—72-74 North Street, Leeds.

Lovers of Indian cuisine will go crazy for a curry at Hansa’s. This family owned restaurant has been producing award winning Gujrati fare for over 25 years. The vast menu including several vegan friendly options make it the ideal choice for the ethical eater seeking to spice up their diet.


4. South Square Vegetarian Café— South Square Thornton Road Thornton, Bradford.

Known for its inventive salads and savoury veggie crumbles, the South Square Vegetarian Café is an excellent lunchtime pit stop for the hungry traveller. After your meal be sure to take a wander around the charming craft shop and art gallery.


5. Dandelion & Burdock

Though a bit further afield, Dandelion & Burdock is definitely worth the trip. Owner and chef David Wilson is dedicated to providing visitors a memorable and tasty vegan dining experience, with his creative dishes known to appeal to even the most dedicated of meat-eaters. Take a table overlooking the river to watch the ducks paddling by whilst you enjoy your entirely animal-free meal.


Along with chowing down on some of the UK’s best cruelty-free eats, Leeds-bound animal lovers should pencil in a visit the beautiful woodland grounds of Temple Newsam. There you’ll find the Home Farm, the largest rare breeds farm in Europe, and only one of 16 nationally approved by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Animal enthusiasts have the chance to pat some Portland sheep, Golden Guernsey goats and other specially protected breeds.

Are you heading to Leeds and looking for somewhere to stay? Consider the Holiday Inn Leeds Wakefield hotel for a great value accommodation option.