Barcelona – The Icing on the Cake

Me and my girlfriend love Spain. We’ve been traveling here for a couple of months now. We started in Torrevieja before moving up to Valencia, Madrid and Zaragoza. The one thing we’ve noticed is how different each city is. So it was with great excitement we decided to end our trip in the Catalan city of Barcelona. Barcelona is truly a tale of two cities. Spanish by name, Catalan by nature.

We arrived in Barcelona in December and were amazed that even without the Spanish sun, it looked more spectacular than any of the other cities we’d been to. The Sagrada FamÌlia is widely considered Gaudi’s master piece and it shows. We nearly forgot to check in to the hotel because we’d spent so long admiring it.

We had a bit of money left and since we were only there for a few days we splashed out on a hotel. I had been hoping that the hotels in Barcelona all looked like the Sagrada FamÌlia but my girlfriend enjoys her creature comforts so was a lot more happy in our modern hotel with fully functioning power shower.

Once we were fed and watered we decided to head out into the city for a quiet night. Iíd always assumed that Barcelona was a party city. Now this is true if that is what you are looking for. Night Clubs are legendary in this town and easy to find. Me and my lady actually prefer something a little more quirky and we decided to eat in a Frank Sinatra styled restaurant. The food was incredible and was actually really cheap.

We had managed to get a really good deal on theatre tickets online and after dinner strolled across to the Gran Teatre del Liceu to check out one of my girlfriends favorite Operas. I’ve never slept so well in all my life! The music was so loud not even my girlfriend heard my snores.

The trade for a night at the Opera was my girlfriend attending the Barcelona game the next day with me. It’s been a lifelong dream to visit the Camp Nou and I wasn’t disappointed. Even my girlfriend enjoyed it!(sort of ).

We went back online later to compare flights back to the UK and found the cheapest were actually the next day. We really wished we had stayed longer but some deals are just too good to pass up. It is not often a city can cater for two such different people but it is not so surprising when you realize it caters for two different cultures everyday.

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