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Buying Football Tickets

The Spanish Ticket Bureau offers a variety of sporting and concert tickets for numerous high profile events including Boxing, Formula 1, the ATP Tennis tour, and stage shows. You can see some fantastic musical acts when you book tickets through the Spanish Ticket Bureau, including rockers the Red Hot Chilli Peppers! These highly sought after tickets for a huge range of entertainment are all available from the Spanish ticket Bureau. You can also make hotel bookings on their website to aid you in putting together the complete package for your excursion.

Established over fifteen years ago, is a reliable and cost effective way of buying tickets on the net. On many events their ˜price match promise™ means they will match prices that are offered elsewhere on the internet, demonstrating how much they value their reputation as a best rate ticket supplier. There are various payment and delivery options that offer one hundred percent security to the buyer. All of their prices are tax inclusive (unlike other websites where the tax is almost like a hidden charge).

The Spanish Ticket Bureau is the official ticket agent of FC Barcelona. This is a popular part of their business and they can offer you the chance to see FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou; one of the largest and most prestigious football stadiums in the world. Set in a city steeped in culture, the Nou Camp is unsurprisingly a popular choice. Barcelona is, in most people’s opinion, the best football team in the world and one of the best teams in the history of world sport.

If you are planning to go to Barcelona and a trip to the Nou Camp is on your itinerary, then the Spanish ticket Bureau offers a competitive and reliable service.

Airport Parking Valet Services

If the way in which you arrive the airport is important to you and you want to start off your trip with a little style and panache then a valet parking service might be worth looking into.

Valet parking is a great choice for businesses who want to impress their clients and give them a little extra service and take care of them when they pick them up and drop them off at the airport when they are travelling on business.

Most airport parking services will offer a valet parking service and many people find that the service that is offered is definitely worth the extra money that it is paid for this type of service.

What Does Valet Parking Involve?
When you choose to use an airport valet parking service you will have most of the stress that comes with finding a space in an airport car park taken away from you. All you need to worry about is getting to the airport on time. You will be asked to drive to the airport building where you will be met by your car park’s chauffeur who will then take your car from you and take it away to be kept in a secure place whilst you are away on your business trip.

When you return from your business trip you will be met by the chauffeur who will have brought your car to the same place where you met him at the start of your journey and you will then be able to drive home quickly and efficiently without any hold ups waiting for a bus transfer to your car park.

So you can see how it can cut a lot of time off your trip and for many business travellers this is a really important thing as it means it gives them more time to spend with their family.

This service is often the highest level of service that is provided by airport parking services and if you are looking for Gatwick Parking, Heathrow Parking or Manchester Airport Parking then you will be able to find a valet parking service at all of these airports.

Of course it is not just the business traveller who will benefit from this service but many people who are travelling for pleasure will also find this service very useful, as it really does take away a lot of the hassle of arriving to the airport.

Valet parking can be a great way to start off your honeymoon or your holiday of a lifetime that you are taking with your family. It could also be a great gift as a wedding present to the newly married couple who you want to start off their honeymoon together in style!

Hotel Calculator Booking Site

hotel calculatorWouldn’t it be easier if you could find all necessary information about the hotel you want to book with one, simple search? Now you can! With just a couple quick clicks of the mouse you will have a complete listing of all the hotels in selected area of choice with the absolute best market prices available.

With it’s so quick and simple to find a perfect hotel and get the best deal. Whatever type of hotel you need anywhere in the world! You can for example find cheap hotel in Barcelona that has the amenities (access to the Internet, swimming pool, air-conditioning… etc.) that you specifically need in a few minutes. Save your time with search engine which can automatically search aggregates data from over 20 hotel reservation websites and compare the prices for you. The results are presented in an easy to search interface, they can be narrowed down by price, type, hotel star rating and services.

Are you looking for a affordable hotel with good location, but you are not sure how far it is from the city centre, airport or any city attraction? Now you can easily check it out with Hotel Calculator! You can view hotels on the map and see their distance from the centre and hotels in nearby towns. What is more, the site provides several photos for you to absolutely appreciate the hotel before completing a reservation.

You can easily find out which hotels are best rated thanks to the scale from 1 to 5. Furthermore, this sites popularity index will help you find the most popular and most frequently selected hotels in the city. You have got the whole picture now, so you can go and enjoy your holidays without any doubts and unpleasant surprises!

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Ice Caves in Austria

ice-caveWhile traveling through Salzburg, Austria, we had the opportunity to visit the largest system of ice caves in the world. Eisriesenwelt made a great day trip and gave us a chance to do something that was not typical or on the itinerary for our group.

It was fast and convenient to get to the caves from Salzburg. We took a cable railway and got there in about half an hour. The cable was incredibly full of people but we were pretty used to crowded transport by this point in our trip. When we got to Eisrieswelt, we didn’t have to wait long for a tour guide to be available because a tour starts roughly every six minutes.

When we reached the entrance to the caves, we were given a lamp. During our guided tour there was additional lighting inside the caves that highlighted the ice sculptures and gave them a cool effect. It was frigid, however, and I’m very glad I had my warmest coat on as the temperatures were below freezing even though it was June.

The tour through the caves was interesting and informative. Our guide was excellent and very knowledgeable. He told us how the ice caves are made completely out of ice and rock. The caves are like a labyrinth and make up an area of over 40 km. And, even though the caves’ formation started over 100 million years ago, they are still developing today.

The only disappointing part of the tour was that we were not allowed to take any pictures. The caves were so beautiful I would’ve wanted to take some pictures. Instead I opted to purchase a postcard of the cave in the gift shop. At least I have something to remember it by.

Traveling with Dad to China

chinaWhen I was sixteen I was fortunate enough to accompany my father on a business trip to China where we spent two amazing weeks together exploring this most mysterious and amazing land. For the first week we stayed in Hong Kong as my father took care of his business obligations. I remember being amazed at how advanced the city was and I marveled at just how congested and crowded the streets and subways seemed. Even though I knew Hong Kong had historic ties with the British I was still slightly taken aback by just how many people spoke English – and spoke it well. What’s more, we enjoyed both the food and the surroundings.

However, despite enjoying our week in Hong Kong, our two weeks spent traveling through the south of China and taking in its amazing natural beauty and wonder was by far the most memorable part of the trip. Along limestone rocks and caverns we marveled as rare lemurs hopped on the seemingly flat surfaces in search of salt deposits and other sources of nutrition. In the forests, we witnessed giant salamanders the size of small crocodiles and we were awed by rare birds the likes of which we had never seen. We also had the opportunity to tour one of South China’s famous caverns. Apparently, these caves have become big business in this region and, aside from tours, we were told that these caves provide the natives with valuable bat guano which they can sell for use as a fuel source.

In addition to our cavernous semi-spelunking adventures we took a river raft ride down a famous Chinese river – the name of which escapes me at the moment – but one that is supposedly famous for its deadly snakes and crocodile attacks (although I think our guide may have been attempting to have a little fun at our expense). While we didn’t spy any dangerous reptiles, we did see some massive sized catfish and some random sub species of carp that resembled a giant goldfish (I know, how cliché).

While I had a great time viewing the country I no doubt really enjoyed the trip the most because of the time I got to spend bonding with my dad. While we never took another trip quite like that one, the memories made over those three weeks will likely last a lifetime and helped bring me closer to my dad than I had ever been.


couchsurfingEver wanted to travel long-term and stay for free? Well, I did just that during my trip to Brazil over Christmas break, utilizing a service called Couch Surfing! is still a relatively new website, created by people that wanted to open their homes to people who wanted to travel but were hamstringed by very small budgets. The website allows you to create a profile and ask for couches to crash on in almost any city on earth, with huge communities in major cities.

I love Couch Surfing because staying with a local means you instantly gain a tour guide with insider knowledge. I have been taken to restaurants, bars, and shows that would never show up in any guidebook, but have been absolutely amazing to be a part of. You are allowed to participate even if you cannot open your own home to travelers, so if you are a student like me have no fear, there are no restrictions! Some of my best friends have come from these Couch Surfing experiences, and I hope to continue the tradition by opening my own home when I have the space.

Couch Surfing also offers activities and group gatherings in major cities, so you can participate even if you are not looking for lodgings. The community is full of locals and international travelers that are by their very nature open to and interested to meet other travelers. Heck, I met my current girlfriend at a Couch Surfing event! I highly encourage checking out the organization and seeing if it is for you, because registration and creation of a profile is completely free, as is participating in all the events and group meetings that go on. You will thank me later I assure you!

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