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Medical considerations when travelling

Most people will think about medical considerations at some stage during their travels. But many don’t realise that taking care of your health while travelling goes far beyond simply buying medical insurance. Here are some things you’ll need to remember to keep your health in check while you’re out trekking the world, or your own backyard.

Don’t hesitate – vaccinate (before you go)
Speak to your GP about where you’ll be travelling to, and any vaccinations you may need before you go. No need to get paranoid and ask for every vaccination for every disease under the sun, but a health professional will be able to advise you on what vaccinations may help protect you in a certain country.

Don’t accidentally be an illegal drug smuggler
Some medications and over-the counter tablets and remedies that are common to us may be banned in specific countries. In Greece, for example, codeine is classified as an illegal drug, so don’t pack any Panadeine and Nurofen Plus if you’re travelling to the country. Do your research ahead of time and you’ll avoid any run-ins with the law.

Get to know a country
The risk of Malaria in Africa and Dengue Fever in Egypt are well known. But before you visit a particular country, spend a little time reading about certain living conditions, common diseases and hospital standards in the area. Make the World Health Organisation website your best friend – it contains in depth documents on almost every country in the world and the kinds of diseases and health concerns in each region. The Australian Government’s website also contains great information, whether you’re travelling to the other side of the planet, or just booking some flights to Perth.

Know yourself
If you’ve had a chronic illness or injury, some airlines require a certificate from your doctor stating that you are fit and able to fly. Get all the relevant check-ups and sort this one out with your doctor well before you leave.

With these considerations in mind, you’ll have a safe, healthy holiday and come back in one piece.

Do you like Adventure?

Do you have a passion for travel? If you want to experience a real adventure and the true sense of freedom, I suggest you pack your bags and discover the Australian Outback. When people say “The Outback” they refer to the remotest parts of Australia. Here you can see kangaroos, emu and dingoes, as well as some of the most important tourist attractions which include Alice Springs, Kakadu National Park and the Kimberley. During the day you can explore and see mountain ranges, salt lakes and flat plains; at night you can sleep out under the stars. Does this appeal to you? Here are some points to help you organise your outback adventure.

Solo or Tour?

This question depends on how much time and experience you have…..If you love an adventure and have experience in hiking and camping, you will probably love planning your own outback adventure. However, it requires a lot of time.

If you have never planned a hike I recommend going on an organised tour. There are plenty to suit all tastes (basic – luxury accommodation) and budgets. I personally prefer a small group tour (15-20 people), camping outdoors and plenty of opportunities to explore the wilderness and hike.

How do you get there?

Most tourists travel to Australia from abroad and so the cheap flights usually go to Sydney and Melbourne. If you travel between June and September, you are more likely to find cheap flights as this is considered the low season. Sometimes buying return flights is not a good idea because if you start at one point and finish at another, you may have to travel miles to get back to your departure airport. This requires time and money of course. Make sure you consider this.

Some of the airlines which offer flights to Australia are: Qantas, British Airways and American Airlines.

What is the weather like in the outback?
Australia is a huge country so it has various different climates. Summers in the outback are usually hot and dry, but the temperatures can get very low at night. Winter temperatures during the day range from mild to hot and they can drop below freezing at night. However, this information varies slightly depending on the area.

Check out the latest rates on foreign currency for your travels.

Get Close to Nature with an African Gorilla Safari

Safaris are a great way for someone to really get back to nature and witness the marvels the African wildlife has to offer. No other holiday offers the experiences African safaris do, and no other holiday will provide the life long memories that African safaris do. There are a number of different types of safaris you can choose from taking in a number of countries right across the continent. One safari that is becoming increasingly popular is a gorilla safari.

One reason for their popularity is the rarity of these magnificent creatures and the unfortunate feeling that this could be one of your last chances to see mountain gorillas in the wild. Gorillas are the largest of the primates and one of mankind’s closest relatives. Gorillas are officially classified as endangered by the UN with wild gorillas located in just a few pockets of forest in Africa. There is real concern amongst some experts that these wonderful animals, specifically the mountain gorillas found in Uganda, are heading towards extinction unless more is done to conserve them.

Gorilla Safaris offer wildlife lovers the chance to see these primates in their natural habitat, something that would be almost impossible outside of a safari. There is estimated to be just 700 mountain gorillas left in the wild with around half of these in Bwindi.

Uganda offers some of the very best gorilla tours to be found in Africa. You will also find plenty of other primates beside the mighty gorillas; in fact, Uganda has the highest concentration of primates in the world.

Uganda itself is a sight to behold with Winston Churchill describing it as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ when he visited the country. The landscapes on offer are truly striking and will provide countless photo opportunities. The country also has the benefit of having fewer tourists than the likes of it neighbours Tanzania and Kenya, though once word about Uganda gets out this will soon change.

Learn About Beer

Learn the Language of Beer (Infographic)
Source: Pimsleur Approach

Best Diving in Asia

koh lantaThere are so many places in Asia to go diving and there’s even so many different types of diving that it’s almost impossible to list them all. The following is a list of some of the countries in Asia where you can find the best diving spots. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, swimming with sharks, dolphins, whales and many more.

Koh Lanta is the hub where you can go diving from. There are many tiny islands around the area which can all be reached by ferry and provide amazing dives. Koh Rok is an uninhabited island which also has beautiful white beaches. Makes for a perfect day trip for snorkelers. The water is very shallow but because of this reason the water is crystal clear.


Aur Island is one of the hottest diving spots in all of Malaysia. It’s a 5km long island that has large, pristine coral formations as it is far enough away from the mainland. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving here and the visibility is excellent.

The Komodo Islands in Indonesia are one of the best places to go diving in teh world. First off because of the world famous komodo dragons. Second, because of the stunning views of sandy white beaches ringed with high grassy, green mountains. The abundance of different types of fish is simply overwhelming.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong provides diving opportunities for those who are bored of the tropical coral reefs and white sands. The water is sub-tropical so diving is usually done with scuba gear and a thermal suit. There are artificial reefs that can be dived on as well as natural rocky islands filled with a diversity of marine fauna and hundreds of fish.

These are just some of the best diving spots in Asia, there are many thousands more!

Places for Learning Spanish

classroomDo the winter blues have you down? Are you tired of seeing nothing but snow and cold weather? Have you recently decided to learn to speak Spanish, and now you’re eager to put your new ability to learn a foreign language to use?

If you sat there nodding your head or saying “yes” to all of those questions, you have a world of travel opportunities ahead of you in Latin America. With the exception of Brazil, which is a Portuguese-speaking country, all of Latin America speaks Spanish. As an added benefit, because Latin America is in the Southern Hemisphere, you can travel there during the winter in the United States and still enjoy lovely, warm weather. It’s the perfect place to get away and practice Spanish!

One place that you may want to consider traveling to in Latin America is Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the country at the southernmost point of Latin America. Buenos Aires offers the benefits of being in a major urban center, along with the central location to travel to other parts of Argentina if you choose to do so.

Argentina, and Buenos Aires, are renowned for several things. While you’re in Buenos Aires, you must take advantage of the opportunity to try good, well-bred and raised beef. Argentinian chefs know all there is to know about preparing beef properly, and you will get a dining experience unlike anything else. Tango is the other most famous activity in Argentina. Seek out a club or a café where tango is done or performed, and see Dancing With the Stars the authentic way!

You also can take advantage of the incredible fashion and shopping experiences in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires offers the most up-to-date style and fashion in Latin America, and you can take advantage of favorable exchange rates by bringing unique and fashionable treasures back home when your vacation is over.

If you’re in the mood to simply walk around and admire the cultural history, Argentina offers that as well. The Recoleta neighborhood is one of Argentina’s richest, and offers a wide range of architecture and cafes that you can enjoy. The famous Recoleta Cemetery is also here, where many of Argentina’s prominent historical figures, include Eva Peron, are buried.

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