Dancing Round the Americas

tangoThe Latin America region is renowned for its ancient cities, spicy food and vibrant party atmosphere – which is ever present in cities such as Cancun and Rio De Janiero.

There are a wide variety of dances that originated in Latin America and are now know around the world – particularly for their high-energy, flowing movements that are usually accompanied by flamboyant costumes and music which has a high tempo and energy about it.

Dance tours are popular with those who are looking to take in the sights and sounds of the main tourist attractions as well as learning a few dance moves along the way

If you’re looking to backpack around the region, why not consider taking some lessons along the way? Here are a few ideas for when you’re planning your trip:

Samba In Brazil – this energetic dance style is one of the most famous cultural exports of Brazil, and if you’re passing through Rio De Janiero during your trip, joining in the festivities at the Rio Carnival is a must. The world famous event is known as being one of the greatest parties in the world, with a whole host of decorative floats and flamboyant outfits on show.

There are a multitude of samba schools throughout Rio De Janiero, and many of these offer lessons in samba to tourists. So whilst passing through Rio, why not drop by one of these and learn a few moves during your time in the city?

Salsa In Cuba – salsa is a vibrant and rhythmic dance style that is famous throughout Cuba, and there are a number of tours that allow you the chance to explore the sights and learn a few moves along the way. One of the most popular destinations for these salsa tours is the historic capital city of Havana – described by travelsupermarket.com as being “colourful and full of character”, so why not try a combination of sightseeing and salsa during your Cuba holidays?

Tango in Argentina – the tango is one of the most well known dance styles around the world, combining precise and flowing movements with an upbeat music style. Tango tours in Argentina give you the opportunity to explore the spectacular sights of the many national parks – including the waterfalls at Iguazu Falls and the glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park – interweaved with daily tango lessons with qualified instructors.

Dance tours are becoming more popular amongst tourists who are looking to keep fit and learn a few moves in amongst the sightseeing, and with more of these tours now available, why not consider including such a tour as part of your holidays in Cuba or Argentine adventure?

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