Do you like Adventure?

Do you have a passion for travel? If you want to experience a real adventure and the true sense of freedom, I suggest you pack your bags and discover the Australian Outback. When people say “The Outback” they refer to the remotest parts of Australia. Here you can see kangaroos, emu and dingoes, as well as some of the most important tourist attractions which include Alice Springs, Kakadu National Park and the Kimberley. During the day you can explore and see mountain ranges, salt lakes and flat plains; at night you can sleep out under the stars. Does this appeal to you? Here are some points to help you organise your outback adventure.

Solo or Tour?

This question depends on how much time and experience you have…..If you love an adventure and have experience in hiking and camping, you will probably love planning your own outback adventure. However, it requires a lot of time.

If you have never planned a hike I recommend going on an organised tour. There are plenty to suit all tastes (basic – luxury accommodation) and budgets. I personally prefer a small group tour (15-20 people), camping outdoors and plenty of opportunities to explore the wilderness and hike.

How do you get there?


Most tourists travel to Australia from abroad and so the cheap flights usually go to Sydney and Melbourne. If you travel between June and September, you are more likely to find cheap flights as this is considered the low season. Sometimes buying return flights is not a good idea because if you start at one point and finish at another, you may have to travel miles to get back to your departure airport. This requires time and money of course. Make sure you consider this.

Some of the airlines which offer flights to Australia are: Qantas, British Airways and American Airlines.

What is the weather like in the outback?
Australia is a huge country so it has various different climates. Summers in the outback are usually hot and dry, but the temperatures can get very low at night. Winter temperatures during the day range from mild to hot and they can drop below freezing at night. However, this information varies slightly depending on the area.

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    I guess I’m not the most adventous though I am willing to try things at least once. May preferences are to just relax and enjoy the sites.

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