Ecotourism in Costa Rica

We have just got home from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. Yes, it was depressing as our American Airlines flight landed home with the rain beating off the windows. We had left the wonderful Costa Rica sunshine for winter weather…..but we had such a wonderful time that we will definitely go back to this Central American paradise.

We stayed in a luxury hotel, but despite this, we were encouraged to recycle and use water only when necessary etc. Costa Rica is a very environmentally friendly country and it has to be…with so many tourists it has to protect its areas of natural beauty as they are the main attractions.

We went for 8 days and 7 nights as part of a package deal which included a tour of the real Costa Rica. Our flight landed at San Jose Airport and we were greeted by our guide who took us to our hotel which was 3.5 hours drive away. Having a guide was one of the things which made our holiday so good. It can work out expensive so hiring a car is a great alternative and then you can do tours of national parks, volcanoes etc. in your own time.

We did and tried everything from white water rafting to cannoning, trekking, bathing in volcanic hot springs and sunbathing on beautiful beaches. We also visited wildlife reserves and natural areas which surpassed all my expectations of beauty. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Costa Rica is like a nature reserve itself because when you head out into the wilderness you can see all sorts of animals, vegetation and landscapes.

A holiday in Costa Rica will be great no matter where you stay or who you go with. Your holiday is what you make it.

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