Explore Sunny Italy on Your Next Vacation

colosseum_rome_italyAfter returning from Italy where I was on vacation, I realize that it offers so much by way of history, art and culture apart from beautiful beaches and stunning countryside’s. It is no wonder then that tourists appreciate Italy and try to see as much as they can of the country when on holiday.

The history and background of each culture is special to the region and this is seen in the way they speak their language and the foods that they cook. Varied civilizations have been instrumental in creating this cultural diversity, as history played its part to influence the people of these specific regions. Some of the regions I particularly found striking were Calabria where the Greeks live, Tuscany for Etruscans and Sicily where the Normans live. The Roman influence was strong in Lazio where the empire began and extended to other parts of Italy.

I normally tailor my tour, depending on the places I would like to cover on my vacation. It is not difficult to do this, as you can use the railway or the networks for internal flights efficiently to try and cover as much as possible on your vacation. Include the destinations that you would like to visit.

According to me, Rome is one of the “must-see” places that you should include in your tour when in Italy. The existence of Rome dates back 2500 and have been the focal point as one of the greatest civilizations in the world in regard to religion, culture and power.

italy1Visit Florence, where Renaissance first evolved to experience the architecture, music, art and religion of the city. You should see the statue of David that was sculpted by Michelangelo at the Accademia Art Gallery.

I would include the “Floating City” of Venice in my itinerary to enjoy the numerous attractions and take a ride down the iconic canals, on a Gondola boat! The places worth seeing here are the Grand Canal, the Piazza San Marco and San Marco Basilica.

I have also been to Turin, Milan and Genoa when I was in Italy. These destinations are charming and a delight for tourists who can also head to Palermo, Agrigento and Catania in the South of Sicily. Try to include Lake Garda and Verona and get transported back to time, when Romeo and Juliet set the stage as star-crossed lovers for Shakespeare’s play.

In my opinion, Italy requires to be revisited over and over again as there is so much diversity and varied influences to be experienced that you require time to enjoy all that this wonderful country offers. Make sunny Italy your next travel destination and use the conveniences of travel modes to include many places.  Enjoy sampling the various foods and wines in Italy where you are spoilt for choices.