Five Top Places to Visit in South America

parinacota-volcano_chileSouth America tours have always proved to be enjoyable and amazing. The people are friendly and welcome tourists and there is a lot of color and history that one can take in when admiring the flora and fauna. South America does have something for everyone. If you are interested in heading to the large cities, such as Brazil and Argentina or would prefer exploring the quirky and quaint cities of Bolivia and Peru, you can enjoy a diversity of ancient cultures, architecture, wildlife, sensuous music and pristine beaches when you head to this exotic country.

Brazil is the largest country in the South American continent. Check out the vista from the Sugar Loaf Mountain or visit the majestic statue of Christ the Redeemer. Drive along the coast and visit beaches, such as Ipanema and Copacabana before you hit Rio de Janeiro, where you can mingle with the locals in the colorful busy city and enjoy the sights.

Argentina is the second largest in South America. Buenos Aires has many “must-see” places in the itinerary and you should devote some time to enjoy the mouth-watering steaks and extra large ice cream sundaes! These restaurants are open even after midnight when you will find many street dancers ready to entertain you. Enjoy a coffee at any of the small cafes and explore the antique shops which are open even on Sundays.

I love travelling to Peru where you feel you are transported back in time. The people in Peru behave in a dignified and friendly manner, which reflects their pride in their historic nation. As a nature love, I enjoy walking along the wonderful Inca Trail and looking at the ruins of Machu Piccu that lies close to Lake Titicaca.

Chile-1The coastline of Chile is a narrow long strip that is pinned between the Ocean and the Andes. Tourists enjoy visiting cities such as Valparaiso and Santiago where they can experience cultural traditions blending with modernism. Make sure to include visits to the deserts, glaciers and volcanoes.

The capital of Quito in Ecuador is filled with stunning landscapes. Here you can experience the rich culture, tradition and history of the Incas. I enjoyed learning how to make hats from the Otavalo Indians. The cobblestoned streets in Cuenca city opens up into plazas where you can walk around the flower markets and enjoy the spectacle of color everywhere.

Tourists who head to South America should include these top cities in their itinerary to experience the wonderful culture and traditions. I enjoy browsing in the shops when I am not out trekking or trying to feel one with nature. The scenery is spectacular and this makes South America a must-see destination for tourists around the world.


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