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Floridais an excellent state for those looking to experience a variety of attractions in the US.  For the British one reason is probably all we need; the nickname ‘Sunshine State’ says it all.  Anywhere that claims to involve sunshine is alright by us!  In Florida’s case the claims are not overplayed.  The sun does shine in Florida and the climate, at worst, can be described as very warm.  No wonder that despite the recession the Brits are still flying south and west for the summer and winter:  Florida offers such a variety of destinations that it is an ideal location for multi-centre holidays in the USA.Florida was ‘discovered’ by the Spanish in 1513, and the name they gave it – La Florida, meaning flowery land – stuck.  However, despite being descriptive, the Flowery Land is also better known as the “Sunshine State” – more catchy to modern ears!  Not quite an island Florida is, however, largely surrounded by sea.  To the west is the Gulf of Mexico, the east the Atlantic Ocean and to the south are the Straits of Florida – a gateway to the Caribbean.  For rather obvious reasons, Florida is a prime destination for those setting out on their own voyage of discovery on a cruise holiday.  Combining a cruise holiday with a stay in Florida is ideal, allowing you to experience all the relaxing and varied delights of a cruise with the cosmopolitan, historic and relaxing atmosphere that Florida has to offer.  For USA twin centre holidays, a visit to Orlando should be the starting point, if only to tire the kids out.

Theme parks are synonymous with Orlando holidays – and so they should be.  With a host of theme parks based around the city of Orlando – you will find that you are spoilt for choice.  From Walt Disney World® Resort to the recently opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter – complete with a full-scale Hogwarts – kids of any age can be entertained for hours, days or weeks if necessary.  Not all theme parks are designed for the kids only – there are plenty of adult thrills and spills on offer.   OK, so Hogwarts is not entirely a historic castle – but Florida does boast plenty of history.  Florida was popular with early French, British and Spanish “tourists” to the States, mainly because of its fantastic climate and strategic position.  The region was ruled by most of the major European powers at one time or another and most have left some mark on the culture of the state.  Like all popular/fought over regions it displays a mix of influences – particularly in its cuisine, traditions and its distinctively unique Creole languages.

The south of Florida continues the theme of variety.  Miami is a great place to continue on the second leg for multi centre holidays The city gleams at the tip of the United States – a high-class modern hotspot, filled with boutique shopping experiences and luxury dining establishments.  Miami is all about the high life and is popular with the rich and famous.  Beyond the city limits the US Route 1 defies the fact that the mainland has ended and forms the Overseas Highway straddling the Florida Keys.  The Keys (Cayo = Spanish for small island) are a string of tropical coral reefs, stretching out into the glistening waters of the Straits of Florida. The lifestyle on The Keys seems to have been designed around the phrase “laid-back”.  Florida offers something for everyone; from wild times in the state’s theme parks to relaxing tropical beaches, historic sights and high-class shopping districts.  World-class cuisine with a local touch and high-quality hotels and resorts come as standard, and for USA twin centre holidays, Florida has perhaps more to offer than any other state.

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