Greek Island Hopping

athens greeceMy Greek Island Hopping trip was a great way to see the best of Greece’s islands, while still leaving room to see a bit of the mainland as well. My Greece experience consisted of two weeks split up on three islands, Los, Santorini, and Mykonos, bookended by some time spent in Athens. It ended up being the perfect trip and my ideal way to experience the best of Greece.

I arrived in Athens to spend three days in the capital city before moving on to the gorgeous islands. While in Athens, I took a step back in time through an historic sightseeing tour. I got to see and learn about the Parthenon and the Acropolis from a local guide as I wondered around the famous columns perched above the city sprawl. I also got to climb around the massive Theatre of Dionysus, the birthplace of drama. The National Archeological Museum was a great way to learn about the background of Ancient Greece. I also spent a full day just wondering around the city, taking in the old and the new cites co-existing together.

On the third day of the trip it was time to board a typical Greek ferry to Mykonos and take advantage of the amazing views across the Aegean and of the rocky islands. On Mykonos I spent most of the time lazing on the blissful beaches and taking in the great nightlife. However, I did make a trip into Mykonos town to wander through the maze of tiny streets lined by whitewashed cube-shaped houses. Eating in town was fantastic as I got to sample some of Greece’s specialties like feta, olives, tzatziki dip.

On day seven, it was time to change islands to Santorini. Santorini was a total change of scenery. It made my jaw drop when I first glimpsed it due to its stunning natural beauty as a result of a massive volcanic eruption. Santorini is the iconic Greek island that you see in all the pictures of the Greek islands. It’s famous for its blue-domed, whitewashed churches. From Santorini, you can also view all the neighboring volcanic islands in all their glory. I traveled up to Santorini’s highest point for full-blown vistas over the crater. Also near the crater, the town of Fira which is dramatically perched on the edge of the crater. I spent an afternoon exploring the town by walking down its narrow streets and shopping in its unique little shops and boutiques.

The next day I got to take a boat ride out to the active volcanic island of Nea Kamini, where I cruised past lava formations and got up close to the active crater. That night, I head to the northern tip of Santorini to catch one of the island’s famous sunsets at Oia. On day ten, it was off to Los to let loose on this party island. Los is a popular party destination, as it is filled with clubs, bars, and pubs, as well as an outdoor party in its squares and lanes.

After Los, it was time to set sail back to the mainland for my last night in Greece. I spent the night experiencing the nightlife in Athens before having to go the airport the next morning. Visiting both mainland Greece and its islands was definitely the best way to experience the country, as it made the trip both relaxing and full of exploration.

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