Las Marismas De Correlejo Hotel

Travelling does not always have to be about discovering new places and walking in the wilderness. Usually places become tourist resorts because they are worth visiting, tried and tested places that attract hoards of tourists year after year can be just as exciting as climbing Everest and definitely a lot more relaxing. Many an intrepid traveller has knocked the idea of staying in hotels in Spain or villas in Greece simply because other people like to visit. The Mediterranean is popular with holiday makers for good reason though. Take for example the Canary Islands and specifically Correlejo on the island of Fuerteventura.

Correlejo has been attracting tourists from groups of friends to families and couples since package holidays to The Med took off in the1960’s. The gorgeous resort town of Correlejo is set around a natural harbour which allows for safe swimming and water sports under blue skies and searing sun. Correlejo grew from a Spanish traditional village, parts of which still remain giving the flashier parts of the resort a rustic contrast.  Most people do want to escape the crowds from time to time and though and with miles of sandy dunes and plenty of beach space choose from along the coast, anyone can find a spot where they can pretend to be Robinson Crusoe for a day.

So, when it comes down to it, booking hotels in Spain or any other tourist resort does not have to be the end of adventurous days. For those that do not revel in the idea if staying in a large hotel and sitting down to breakfast with a hundred other people though, self catering apartments can be the perfect antidote. Las Marismas De Correlejo Hotel is a complex of spacious apartments, each with their own living room, kitchen and furnished balcony or terrace. On the flip side, if preparing your own meals is not your idea of a holiday, apartments can be booked on a bed & breakfast, half board or full board basis. The options are endless.

For an added sense of adventure Las Marismas De Correlejo Hotel has a salt water pool, aw well as a regular swimming pool, so guests can feel like they are swimming out at sea in the safety of a closed pool. For a wild jungle adventure adults and children can get lost in Las Marismas De Correlejo Hotel’s gardens which are packed with cacti, palms and over forty species of indigenous flora and fauna which are native to the volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura.

Aside from beaches, bars and sand dunes, real adventure enthusiasts have plenty of options on the water for activities. The coast line around Correlejo catches a lot of wind, allowing for windsurfing and paragliding to take place regularly. For anyone with less sporting ability, regularly ferries take tourists to the neighbouring island of Lanzerote or on daily fishing trips. Anywhere in the world can be an adventure with just a little imagination. Who said that taking holidays in hotels in Spain had to be boring?

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