Movies that Inspire People to Travel

People love watching movies especially when they are shot at some exotic cities. How many of us have watched movies about travel and yearned to see such places in our lifetime? Very often, we get tempted to visit these beautiful places that we see on screen and experience adventures of our own. Listed below are the best travel movies that will definitely release the wanderlust in you!


Under the Tuscan Sun

Diana Lane, the actress acts a Frances, a young woman who decides to take a vacation to Italy. She falls in love with the place and buys a Villa, in Tuscany, where she hopes to enjoy a better life. The movie is shot in Tuscany and you see beautiful towns which are built on the hill sides with majestic mountains in the background. You can easily get carried away with these amazing views and probably want to head to Tuscany and buy yourself a villa there!

Somethings’ Gotta Give

Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson act as a young couple, Erica Barry and Harry Sanborn, in this romantic comedy. They are brought together by circumstances and end up living together in her beach house in the Hamptons. Erica acts as a playwright who yearns to live in Paris. The beach scenes, the sands and the lovely surroundings makes you wish you were there digging your toes in the sand and enjoying just relaxing on the beach with a bathing suit on! Many scenes are also shot in Paris with fabulous backdrops that make you wish you could head there and enjoy Paris in summer or in winter.

kill bill poster

Kill Bill

Uma Thurman acts in this movie as a bride who travels around the world to find her attackers and seek revenge. She was attacked and loses her unborn child in the mishap. Some of the scenes are shot in Tokyo, Japan where she is able to track down O-Ren Ishii, acted by Lucy Lui. Some of the night life is seen as lived in Tokyo and the last battle is shot in a Japanese garden that is covered in snow. This will certainly set your pulses racing as you see Japan from different angles. Yes, you will certainly wish to travel to Japan and see the place in person.


This movie is all about a rat, Remy who lives in the countryside of France. He yearns to become as great a chef as Gusteau who firmly believes that cooking is an art everyone can learn. Remy travels to Paris in search of Gusteau’s restaurant and finds a human friend, Linguini. Linguini lives in a tiny studio apartment but the scenes that are shot lets you glimpse some fantastic views of Paris, the Eifel tower and many streets in Paris. If you watch this movie, you will also wish to go to Paris and sample the delicious French cuisine. Imagine the bliss of walking around in Paris with your loved one and dining in one of the fancy French restaurants!

High Road to China

This film starring Tom Selleck has been highly underrated and not everyone has heard of the same. It has been shot in the Himalayas and Central Asia where the views are simply “mind-boggling” You can see biplanes here that are sure to make you want to go there and fly in one!

The Lover

This film is shot in Vietnam during the French colonial era 1929. You see old crumbling ruins and ceiling fans in dark rooms where the afternoon light filters in through slatted wooden blinds. Many exotic scenes have been shot in the streets and the movie has been cleverly shot to let your imagination run riot about the illicit pleasures that are concealed behind those blinds. You feel the pulse of old Hanoi and can almost feel the humidity and heat that has been captured through the lens. This is another place you probably wish you could visit.


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  2. Into the Wild inspired me to get up and just go. Not only in terms of traveling but also just to live more freely.

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