Places for Learning Spanish

classroomDo the winter blues have you down? Are you tired of seeing nothing but snow and cold weather? Have you recently decided to learn to speak Spanish, and now you’re eager to put your new ability to learn a foreign language to use?

If you sat there nodding your head or saying “yes” to all of those questions, you have a world of travel opportunities ahead of you in Latin America. With the exception of Brazil, which is a Portuguese-speaking country, all of Latin America speaks Spanish. As an added benefit, because Latin America is in the Southern Hemisphere, you can travel there during the winter in the United States and still enjoy lovely, warm weather. It’s the perfect place to get away and practice Spanish!

One place that you may want to consider traveling to in Latin America is Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the country at the southernmost point of Latin America. Buenos Aires offers the benefits of being in a major urban center, along with the central location to travel to other parts of Argentina if you choose to do so.

Argentina, and Buenos Aires, are renowned for several things. While you’re in Buenos Aires, you must take advantage of the opportunity to try good, well-bred and raised beef. Argentinian chefs know all there is to know about preparing beef properly, and you will get a dining experience unlike anything else. Tango is the other most famous activity in Argentina. Seek out a club or a café where tango is done or performed, and see Dancing With the Stars the authentic way!

You also can take advantage of the incredible fashion and shopping experiences in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires offers the most up-to-date style and fashion in Latin America, and you can take advantage of favorable exchange rates by bringing unique and fashionable treasures back home when your vacation is over.

If you’re in the mood to simply walk around and admire the cultural history, Argentina offers that as well. The Recoleta neighborhood is one of Argentina’s richest, and offers a wide range of architecture and cafes that you can enjoy. The famous Recoleta Cemetery is also here, where many of Argentina’s prominent historical figures, include Eva Peron, are buried.

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