Prague Holiday

Despite the fact that so many people rave about what a great time they had visiting Prague in the Czech Republic, I for one had a downright miserable time in the former soviet satellite and don’t know that I would recommend a visit to a friend or enemy alike. When you speak to someone who has been or visited, they will likely rave to you about how beautiful the city was or how amazing inexpensive the food and or entertainment was. They might go on and on about what a great bargain they got in their hotel or how cheap it was to enjoy a four course meal. What these people often neglect to tell you, however, is just how much the quality suffers when the price is reduced.

Now sure, there is no question that you can get around Prague for pennies on the dollar, but in the end, you often find you will get what you paid for (or didn’t pay for). Take my own experience for example: my girlfriend and I visited the city and booked three nights in a hotel with king sized bed and kitchenette for less than 60 dollars US a night. The brochures and website promised a world class hotel complete with restaurants and entertainment and that we would be pampered and treated like a king and a queen. The sad and ugly truth is that the hotel was nothing more than elaborate smoke and mirrors. Our kind sized bed turned out to be two twin beds pushed together and covered with a pad and sheet. Our “kitchenette” was a sink and microwave and the much hyped entertainment turned out to be a ski ball machine and internet access (which cost a premium price). As for the world class food, we discovered pizza that could have very well been prepared in a microwave and gnocchi that was indistinguishable from gruel or some old world portage.

Now don’t get me wrong, we did have a couple good meals and some good times while in Prague and we did enjoy our time together, but on a whole I felt Prague was a grimy and dirty town that is not nearly as wonderful as people describe it as. In the end, I think it is fair to say that I would have likely enjoyed Prague more had I not heard so much overhyped tales and stories first.

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  1. Carmel Said,

    I have had this problem before too, I thought I was going to paradise but it ended up being a dirty place with only one restaurant we would eat in. Im shocked to hear so about Prague though as I have too heard great things about it. Good to know though thanks.


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