Explore Sunny Italy on Your Next Vacation

colosseum_rome_italyAfter returning from Italy where I was on vacation, I realize that it offers so much by way of history, art and culture apart from beautiful beaches and stunning countryside’s. It is no wonder then that tourists appreciate Italy and try to see as much as they can of the country when on holiday.

The history and background of each culture is special to the region and this is seen in the way they speak their language and the foods that they cook. Varied civilizations have been instrumental in creating this cultural diversity, as history played its part to influence the people of these specific regions. Some of the regions I particularly found striking were Calabria where the Greeks live, Tuscany for Etruscans and Sicily where the Normans live. The Roman influence was strong in Lazio where the empire began and extended to other parts of Italy.

I normally tailor my tour, depending on the places I would like to cover on my vacation. It is not difficult to do this, as you can use the railway or the networks for internal flights efficiently to try and cover as much as possible on your vacation. Include the destinations that you would like to visit.

According to me, Rome is one of the “must-see” places that you should include in your tour when in Italy. The existence of Rome dates back 2500 and have been the focal point as one of the greatest civilizations in the world in regard to religion, culture and power.

italy1Visit Florence, where Renaissance first evolved to experience the architecture, music, art and religion of the city. You should see the statue of David that was sculpted by Michelangelo at the Accademia Art Gallery.

I would include the “Floating City” of Venice in my itinerary to enjoy the numerous attractions and take a ride down the iconic canals, on a Gondola boat! The places worth seeing here are the Grand Canal, the Piazza San Marco and San Marco Basilica.

I have also been to Turin, Milan and Genoa when I was in Italy. These destinations are charming and a delight for tourists who can also head to Palermo, Agrigento and Catania in the South of Sicily. Try to include Lake Garda and Verona and get transported back to time, when Romeo and Juliet set the stage as star-crossed lovers for Shakespeare’s play.

In my opinion, Italy requires to be revisited over and over again as there is so much diversity and varied influences to be experienced that you require time to enjoy all that this wonderful country offers. Make sunny Italy your next travel destination and use the conveniences of travel modes to include many places.  Enjoy sampling the various foods and wines in Italy where you are spoilt for choices.


Las Marismas De Correlejo Hotel

Travelling does not always have to be about discovering new places and walking in the wilderness. Usually places become tourist resorts because they are worth visiting, tried and tested places that attract hoards of tourists year after year can be just as exciting as climbing Everest and definitely a lot more relaxing. Many an intrepid traveller has knocked the idea of staying in hotels in Spain or villas in Greece simply because other people like to visit. The Mediterranean is popular with holiday makers for good reason though. Take for example the Canary Islands and specifically Correlejo on the island of Fuerteventura.

Correlejo has been attracting tourists from groups of friends to families and couples since package holidays to The Med took off in the1960’s. The gorgeous resort town of Correlejo is set around a natural harbour which allows for safe swimming and water sports under blue skies and searing sun. Correlejo grew from a Spanish traditional village, parts of which still remain giving the flashier parts of the resort a rustic contrast.  Most people do want to escape the crowds from time to time and though and with miles of sandy dunes and plenty of beach space choose from along the coast, anyone can find a spot where they can pretend to be Robinson Crusoe for a day.

So, when it comes down to it, booking hotels in Spain or any other tourist resort does not have to be the end of adventurous days. For those that do not revel in the idea if staying in a large hotel and sitting down to breakfast with a hundred other people though, self catering apartments can be the perfect antidote. Las Marismas De Correlejo Hotel is a complex of spacious apartments, each with their own living room, kitchen and furnished balcony or terrace. On the flip side, if preparing your own meals is not your idea of a holiday, apartments can be booked on a bed & breakfast, half board or full board basis. The options are endless.

For an added sense of adventure Las Marismas De Correlejo Hotel has a salt water pool, aw well as a regular swimming pool, so guests can feel like they are swimming out at sea in the safety of a closed pool. For a wild jungle adventure adults and children can get lost in Las Marismas De Correlejo Hotel’s gardens which are packed with cacti, palms and over forty species of indigenous flora and fauna which are native to the volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura.

Aside from beaches, bars and sand dunes, real adventure enthusiasts have plenty of options on the water for activities. The coast line around Correlejo catches a lot of wind, allowing for windsurfing and paragliding to take place regularly. For anyone with less sporting ability, regularly ferries take tourists to the neighbouring island of Lanzerote or on daily fishing trips. Anywhere in the world can be an adventure with just a little imagination. Who said that taking holidays in hotels in Spain had to be boring?

Guest Author: Travel Republic

The English Island of Jersey

jerseyThe Channel Islands off the Norman coast have long been popular destinations for British tourists. Offering the perfect balance between local UK holidays and an exciting foreign travel experience, the five islands in the archipelago provide a scintillating array natural sights and a hybrid of three European cultures.

With an area of 45 square miles, Jersey is both the largest and most diverse of the Channel Islands. It is also the place to be during summer if you wish to enjoy an adventurous outdoor holiday. Its interior ranges from woodland teeming with unique wildlife and flora to open meadows and rugged ravines, perfect for hiking or cycling.

Jersey’s coastline offers a range of activities you can enjoy. Relax on miles of golden beaches, explore the many impressive cliffside castles or participate in exhilarating water sports such as kite surfing or jet skiing. You will be sure to find something to your liking on Jersey to while away the long summer days.

Jersey is also a prime destination for history buffs. Occupied by Germany for five years during World War Two, the German military influence is still felt strongly in the barracks and naval bunkers situated across the island. Learn more about the island’s strategic role in the war and experience life as it was under German rule on a sobering walk through the Jersey War Tunnels constructed during the occupation.

St. Helier, Jersey’s capital, is the island’s cultural hub and everything you need for a relaxing weekend with the family or an indulgent getaway can be found here. Discover the island’s unique French-British-German heritage in one of the town’s many galleries and museums, shop up a storm in elegant high street boutiques and authentic craft markets, or catch a show at the world renowned Jersey Opera House.

Easily accessible by air and sea, Jersey offers you a world of choice, making it the ideal destination for UK holidays in the sun. So why wait until summer to plan your ultimate island holiday for 2011? Book a holiday in Jersey today and start counting the days.

A Perfect Blend of Cultures and Landscapes

thailandThailand is a country with a mixture of a diverse culture and even more diverse landscapes with mountains in the north and gorgeous beaches elsewhere. Travelling through the country can lead you from the busy metropolitan city of Bangkok to more serene, peaceful areas with hardly a soul anywhere.

Travelling around Thailand is very easy due to the country having a well equipped bus and rail system as well as internal flights if you wish to get there quicker. You can of course hire a car for your trip if you are exploring the country and not just staying in the one place. However, the driving there is a bit more chaotic than usual. It is certainly advisable to not hire a car if you have had no experience of these conditions before.

Thailand is really seen as a backpackers delight. Accommodation can cost next to nothing yet it can be located in the most stunning of places meaning you can wake up to a view straight from paradise. The food, especially off the beaten track, can also cost very little however you might have to be a bit more adventurous in trying things but this is not really different to other countries in the Far East.

The main, and most popular, destinations are Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui with these spread over the country. Indeed Phuket is one of several islands off Thailand and you can then find Chiang Mai in the north of the country in the more mountainous area. But if you are not pushed for time then travelling between the places can let you see what life is like for normal Thai people.

Places such as Bangkok have all of the tourist lights and are geared up for people from all over the world and indeed the prices of food and accommodation in Bangkok can be significantly higher than other places. For Bangkok it is certainly best to do your homework first as it can save you a lot of money. You are therefore best to check out what others have said and go with the general consensus before finally booking where you are going to stay.

Renting Holiday Villas

holiday villaWhile many opt to stay in hotels and luxurious spa resorts on their travels, renting a villa or holiday cottages are also very popular. Offering a homely atmosphere, this type of accommodation provides a central base from which to explore and though all the amenities of a hotel may not be on offer, villas and cottages can offer a fantastic alternative experience.

As both catered and self-catered accommodation are available, the most suitable option can be taken to suit each group’s personal needs. A family, for example, may prefer to cook for themselves, making and preparing the foods that they prefer. On the other hand, a group of friends out to have some fun, might opt to have their holiday catered, allowing more time for partying. Whatever the choice, dining together in a homely environment is often more preferable than having to find a new restaurant or café to eat in every night, as is often the way with hotel stays.

Staying in a villa can often be more relaxing and comfortable than hotel accommodation. Living together in one place, friends and family can come and go as they please. Sitting around in the lounge, breakfasting on the veranda, enjoying time together without having to return to individual hotel rooms at the end of the night can be a huge bonus.

Whatever the size of your group or family, a villa rental can provide the ultimate experience to make memories that will last a lifetime.