The English Island of Jersey

jerseyThe Channel Islands off the Norman coast have long been popular destinations for British tourists. Offering the perfect balance between local UK holidays and an exciting foreign travel experience, the five islands in the archipelago provide a scintillating array natural sights and a hybrid of three European cultures.

With an area of 45 square miles, Jersey is both the largest and most diverse of the Channel Islands. It is also the place to be during summer if you wish to enjoy an adventurous outdoor holiday. Its interior ranges from woodland teeming with unique wildlife and flora to open meadows and rugged ravines, perfect for hiking or cycling.

Jersey’s coastline offers a range of activities you can enjoy. Relax on miles of golden beaches, explore the many impressive cliffside castles or participate in exhilarating water sports such as kite surfing or jet skiing. You will be sure to find something to your liking on Jersey to while away the long summer days.

Jersey is also a prime destination for history buffs. Occupied by Germany for five years during World War Two, the German military influence is still felt strongly in the barracks and naval bunkers situated across the island. Learn more about the island’s strategic role in the war and experience life as it was under German rule on a sobering walk through the Jersey War Tunnels constructed during the occupation.

St. Helier, Jersey’s capital, is the island’s cultural hub and everything you need for a relaxing weekend with the family or an indulgent getaway can be found here. Discover the island’s unique French-British-German heritage in one of the town’s many galleries and museums, shop up a storm in elegant high street boutiques and authentic craft markets, or catch a show at the world renowned Jersey Opera House.

Easily accessible by air and sea, Jersey offers you a world of choice, making it the ideal destination for UK holidays in the sun. So why wait until summer to plan your ultimate island holiday for 2011? Book a holiday in Jersey today and start counting the days.

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