The Summer in Provence

provenceIt’s well known that there are many outstandingly beautiful areas in France. But if you are looking for some quiet and romantic time in a French villa, in the middle of olive trees and purple lavender fields, there is no better place to go than the Provence. The Provence is located in south-eastern France, adjacent to Italy. It got its name from the Romans who already discovered the beauty of this unique region when they conquered it in the second century B.C.. They called it “Provincia Nostra”, which in English means “our province”.

Many artists, including Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monnet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir were inspired by the landscape of the Provence, the Mediterranean pines, white stones and the turquoise sea. Speaking of the sea; have you ever tried “bouillabaisse”? This traditional Provencal fish stew is a perfect dinner when spending an evening in one of the fine little Provencale restaurants,
overlooking the water and enjoying a delicious bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Not just the “bouillabaisse” is worth a try: It is a well-known fact that France has the finest gastronomy in the world and your palates will not be disappointed in the Provence. You will be pleased to taste the great French wines of the Rhone Valley, the Sisteron lamb, sunny ripe fruits like figs or the Cavaillon melons, the famous tapenade (delicious olive paste) not to mention exquisite cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes from the region.

The Provence is a perfect place to spend your villa holidays. Especially in summer, the climate is very warm and dry and perfect for passing your time in a typical French villa with swimming pool, surrounded by magnificent nature and romantic nights accompanied by cricket lullaby. The Provence is waiting for you!

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