Top Tourist Destinations In China:

tiananmen squareChina is becoming one of the popular tourist spots in the world. It is a land of cultural and geographical splits.  Scenic landscapes and towering mountains make the country an ideal destination for couples, families with children and fun lovers. The deserts, sacred peaks and imperial ruins make your travel in China an unforgettable one. You can get cheap and best deals to visit China by shopping around the internet.

Beijing is the capital city of China and it boasts of plenty of attractions. The magnificent Forbidden City is one of the top attractions here. It is the well preserved imperial palace complex in the world. It is surrounded by a deep moat and an elevated wall. It has 9,999 rooms.  Yellow is the symbol of the royal family in China, so the palace roofs were built with yellow glazed tiles and the decorations are made in yellow color. Now the palace serves as a museum.

The Great Wall of China is one of the wonders in the world. The wall has eight sections and five of them are opened to the public. Most of the sections in Beijing are well maintained. If you are an adventure seeker or fun lover, you can combine any of the sections in the Great Wall for hiking.

Tiananmen Square is another must see place in China. You can see the monument of people’s heroes, Tiananmen Tower and Great Hall of the people here. It is also a relaxing place for locals to fly kites and walk.

Shanghai is a lively metropolis in China that invites people from all around the world to enjoy its beautiful atmosphere. The Bund is a popular waterfront and is the symbol of Shanghai. The night view of the Bund is mesmerizing. The usage of period lamp posts helps to keep the aesthetic feeling of building structures. Yuyuan garden is the largest ancient garden in Shanghai. The Great Rockery in this garden allows you to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the garden.

Guangzhou is a famous cultural city in China. If you have passion for ancient art and architecture, you can plan a visit to this city.  Bright Filai Piety Temple in this city is an important place to visit. This temple provides insight into the history of Buddhism, culture and architecture in China. The Pearl River in Guangzhou is another fantastic place to visit. You can enjoy walking in the scenery corridor alongside the river or take a boat ride to enjoy the picturesque views.