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Dream vacations don’t always go as planned. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there! While I will spare you the ugly details of some of my vacation nightmares, I will give you two key tips to help you avoid a vacation of costly ruin.
Firstly, making a travel checklist is key—It is a great way to keep you organized, make you prepared, save you time, and save you money. A travel checklist is the prep work for your trip, which allows you enough room to pick up things last minute, without inflated prices, and ensure you have everything you need for an awesome, dream vacation. Doing this in advance and making a copy will help set you off with ease.

Start off by thinking about everything, (and I do mean EVERYTHING!), you need and writing it down. Try to be as detailed as possible; and don’t leave off the obvious stuff! Important things such as passports and tickets are often left behind, more than anything. After you compile a rough draft, look over your list and refine it—doing something as simple as categorizing your needs can be a big help.

When it finally comes to packing day, always remember to double check your list!

Secondly, a travel checklist can’t necessarily save you from health or injury related issues. That is why, it is important to include travel insurance on your checklist! For external, effectual events, travel insurance is key. Anything from getting the flu to sustaining a major injury, such as breaking your leg can put a damper on your traveling plans and often times, your pocket. I highly recommend out-of-country, adventure, and senior travel insurance.

While travel insurance isn’t cheap, it will offer you peace of mind and can save you from unplanned expenses, such as: cancellation fees, extra ticketing prices, medical expenses, baggage loss, and even damage expenses.

When you are older, you never know what might happen. The risks associated with travel greatly increase, especially the medical risks. Not all domestic insurance can cover you while you are overseas and you don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country with a large medical bill. Most seniors live on fixed incomes so a large bill can do a lot of financial damage. Getting travel insurance is the best way to keep your self protected and have piece of mind on your trip.

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