Traveling in Singapore

orchard-roadWhen arriving in Singapore don’t be alarmed by the intense heat and humidity. It will hit you like a brick wall the moment you step off the plane. It is something that you will definitely have to get used to, so pack appropriately.

If you go to Singapore make sure to make time for a day trip to the Singapore zoo. We caught a great elephant show and at the end you even get to have some up close and personal time with the elephants. The zoo is mammoth and the enclosures are a lot bigger and better than most other zoos. It’s a great time to spend a day.

Even though Singapore is known for its ultra hip and modern scenery, it has a tropical and wild side. If you’re looking for a different Singapore experience, try the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. This is a chance for you to see untamed and abundant rain forest. We walked up the MacRitchie Trail and saw all kinds of fabulous wildlife. There are so many different kinds of plants, insects and animals around you that you will want to walk slowly so you can take it all in.

After trekking through the natural side of Singapore, why not go shopping in one of Singapore’s many malls? My favourite was Orchard Road. There is nothing you won’t be able to find on this road. There are malls, hotels and eateries galore. The stores are both international and local and stock everything you could think of. It is shopping heaven.

Another great place for shopping, and particularly great for bargain hunting, is China Town. You can find great trinkets and knickknacks in the China stalls for great prices, and they don’t have that mass produced feel.

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