Traveling to Major Airports in Scotland

glasgowThe easiest and cheapest way to travel to Scotland is by air. Direct flights to Glasgow or Edinburgh can be found from almost all of the major cities of the world. There are also a few flights from European cities to Aberdeen and Inverness. If a particular airline does not fly to Scotland directly, they may have a flight that stops at Dublin or London first. It’s important to research where airlines go and how to get there (whether with a stop or direct). Sometimes it’s cheaper to not even fly into your main airport!

Knowing an airport can save much time and hassle. Just like it’s important to think about whether or not to fly into Heathrow or Gatwick, you want to fly into the right airport in Scotland. The country is small so it’s easy to move around but you can save good money if you fly into certain airports. Here is a look at three of Scotland’s largest airports.

The airport at Glasgow is one of the busiest in the UK. Its international and domestic flights accommodate over 8 million passengers a year, flying to over 90 destinations worldwide. The arrivals areas for domestic and international passengers are at opposite ends of the main terminal building, on the ground floor. International arrivals are on the left, and UK and Ireland arrivals look to the right.

Edinburgh Airport has been recently renovated, with £100 million spent to upgrade and extend the terminals. The ground floor houses check-in for arriving passengers, with international flights on the left and domestic travellers on the right.

Over 2.5 million people travel to Aberdeen annually; this number is dominated by business travel. There are 26 daily flights to London, and many other direct flights to UK’s regional airports. The terminal comprised of one floor and has shops, boutiques, currency change counters and infant care facilities. Check-in is at the front of the concourse, and all departures and domestic arrivals are at the back of the concourse.

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