Understanding Brussels

brusselsFounded as a 10th century fortress by a descendent of Charlemagne, Brussels has continually grown over the years until today it is home to roughly two million inhabitants. Travellers are continually visiting the city on cheap flights due to the fact that Brussels is now a major metropolis, and as well as being the largest city in Belgium doubles as the de-facto capital of the European Union. Not only does it host a number of the principal European Union institutions, it is also the home of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and ever since the end of the Second World War has been one of the major cities in the world for international politics, bringing in leaders from all around the world.

Above and beyond its importance within the international community, there are a large number of tourists coming in on flights from Edinburgh and London, as well as those heading out on flights to London, Aberdeen and many other cities.

The city is a complex mixture of medieval architecture dating back to the 10th century, juxtaposed with modern edifices. In addition, there are a variety of French and Dutch speaking communities throughout the city. French is spoken by the majority of the population these days, although it was traditionally and historically a Dutch speaking community and as a result the languages used in the markets and restaurants throughout the city will vary, depending on which district you happen to be in.

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