You’re In Charge!


Ever been in charge of a trip for a large group of people? It’s awesome, right? Having that kind of power, probably being given some kind of budget, and being able to share your love or passion for a place with a whole host of others. Whether you’re on the PTA at a school or you run a youth group, religious or community group or something else, there will bound to be a time where you’ll need to plan something to expand everyone’s horizons a bit.

Often, unless you’re planning something REALLY extravagant, all you need is a good coach (try International Coachlines London for some great private hire ones). So, where to? Here are just a few ideas!

A Safari Park/ Zoo/ Farm

Everyone loves animals, right? What better way to celebrate this than with a trip to see them in all their glory?! Whether you choose a zoo or a safari – where they roam free, so you may as well be in Africa or something – your group is bound to have fun!

A Sporting Event

This one is a perfect idea if you coach a team or you’ve got a youth group full of sports mad fans. Whether you choose a tour of a famous football club, a chance to watch some extreme sportsmen and women in action, or even a trip to try surfing on the coast, everyone will be sure to have a great time.

A Music Festival

So perhaps you’re not exactly going to bus a load of impressionable kids to a field full of drug and drink addled people BUT that isn’t to say the concept of a music festival in general isn’t something they can culturally benefit from! There are so many to choose from, both in the UK and abroad. For adults, you can even make an entire holiday out of the thing, so if you’re maybe planning around an excursion for your band or music fan club, consider Benicassim in Spain, Riot Fest in Chicago or even a music cruise or all-inclusive resort trip including bands – but of course, these are limited. It goes without saying that the aforementioned options are pricier though, so you might want to budget accordingly.

The Seaside

It should be a universal truth that everyone likes to be beside the seaside. Whether you think your group would benefit from some downtime at the beach, learning some new vital swimming skills or even going off on a sailing adventure, this is the place you’ll need to be.

A Cultural Trip

Whether your group would enjoy museums, ancient ruins, local architecture or cuisine, there are so many cities, villages and landscapes worth visiting. You can explore your own country or others – a cultural experience doesn’t have to be boring by definition – rather, it is the way we see and discover our world.


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